Polak Guitars for The Real Sound

We can’t all make a clown’s toy guitar sound like a real musical instrument (as legend has it Django did). We need the best guitar our money can buy. I have found this in Edward Polak guitars, and now you can too!
Over the years, I’ve encountered so many guitars that are overpriced, difficult to play, have poor sound quality, are shabbily constructed, are made of inferior materials or suffer from any combination of those problems.

For Info about My Models

Why Polak Guitar?

As I couldn’t find a guitar that met all of my needs – reasonable price and the optimum balance of comfort, sound quality, construction quality and good raw materials – I made it my mission to bring my dream guitar into being. My search led me to master luthier Edward Polak who was infected by my enthusiasm, set to work researching and experimenting and has succeeded in constructing guitars that even exceed my requirements.

Yaakov Gypsy Jazz Guitar Model

The Yaakov Hoter model Gypsy Jazz guitar is just what you need to really shine when you play – and you can afford it too!