Inspiration, Knowledge, Skills

Experience an immediate tangible difference in your playing and come away with inspiration, knowledge and skills that will enrich your playing forever.

Small Groups for Powerful Expereience

My workshops provide one or more full days of deep immersion into Gypsy swing and jazz guitar playing. Your time is devoted to intense, hands-on learning, practicing and playing individually and with a partner or small group. I analyze each student’s needs from the outset and throughout the workshop, giving lots of personal attention to each and every student.Each student gets personalized assignments to practice as we go along – either on your own or with a friend. You have a wonderful opportunity to meet and play with new people.

Scheduled Workshops

We eat together, chat and get together at the end of each day to learn a song we can all play together. It’s always lots of fun and holding the workshops in pastoral locations adds to the enjoyment and the feeling of really getting away from it all and putting your passion first.
Scheduled workshops take place when I announce them.
You can also arrange your own private workshops (at my home or a place you arrange) for individuals or small groups for one or two intensive, inspiring, and thoroughly enjoyable days that will make a big and beautiful change in the way you practice and play.