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"Music is the language of the spirit"

(Kahlil Gibran)

And I am here to help you speak it fluently.
If you are passionate about Guitar playing and Gypsy Jazz,
and if you are ready to take your passion and turn it into
the kind of music that makes a room dance, I can be your guide.
Below you will find the divers ways we can work together to uplevel your
guitar playing.
if you are not sure which is the right way for you,
please reach out and I'll be happy to learn more about you and match
the best music learning journey for you.

Wherever you are on your Gypssy Jazz journey,
we have a way to help you keep growing:

Digital Courses

Choose your own path to learning Gypsy Jazz.

A collection of digital courses that covers any aspect of Jazz and Gypsy Jazz guitar: Improvisation ,Accompaniment, Melodies, Solo Transcriptions, Technique,Time and Theory.


A  comprehensive, unique, simple and practical way to unlock the secrets of Jazz, Django Reihardt’s music and Gypsy Jazz,
by expertily guiding you through those areas in your playing that you may be struggling with, so your music starts to feel  like ‘home’ to you and you’ll sound like a pro!


Expand your repertoire of songs while expanding your Chord Vocabulary, improving your Technique, mastering the coolest Licks and Tricks,  Arpeggios and Triads, using them in your own, unique creative way.

You’ll understand everything that you play so you can use it again and again in any other musical situation.


You can download each lesson and keep it for life, PDF with notes, tabletures and chord shapes included for each lesson.

Coaching Program

The ultimate learning environment for players who want to achieve a HUGE change in their playing in the fastest way possible (students say that they achieve more progress in 6 months than they’d achieved in 6 years).


The perfect combination of a 1:1 personalized learning plan and group learning,
within a small and dedicated group of my ‘inner cycle’ students who work closely with me to achieve their goals.

With private lessons, small group sessions, and special events, you’ll never feel stuck.
You’ll have direct access to me via WhatsApp and a closed Facebook group for quick feedback and support. Plus, you’ll receive free access to our entire course collection, worth over $4,000, and tickets to all our live online events.


If you want to invest in your music progress, get the confidence to jam and play with the best players around, get to love the music you play and play the music you love, taking your paying to completely new heights, unlocking your full playing potential -> this is the best place on earth to be in!



Complete access to all my digital courses with a low monthly payment that you can cancel at any time.


Don’t know which course to choose? Want to browse my courses freely, learn a few courses at once, and get to improve the different aspects of your playing at the same time without having to pay an upfront payment for a few limited courses? This option might be the best fit for you!


The membership plan gives you complete freedom to access all my courses, with only one difference – there is NO DOWNLOAD OPTION.


PROS:  You are free to enjoy the benefit of my extensive course collection  with a low monthly fee.

CONS: You have complete access only as long as you are a member without having the option to download the lessons and keep them for life. 

Live Guitar Retreats

5 days of deep immersion into Gypsy swing and jazz guitar playing with a group of like-minded students in an breathtaking venue in Tuscany, Italy.
You will enjoy the best local food and wine, luxury rooms and a swimming pool – everything you need to enjoy the feeling of really getting away from it all and putting your passion first in a pastoral music focused vacation.

Your time will be devoted to intense, hands-on learning experiance, while enjoying a wonderful opportunity to meet and play with new people. We will be sharing our meal times, chat and at the end of each day we will practice while we learned while jamming and playing together.

You’ll notice an immediate tangible difference in your playing, build confidence playing with friends and come away with inspiration, knowledge and skills that will enrich your playing forever.

1-1 lessons

A perfect complement to my online courses which allows you to maximize the online learning experience.


Learning to play is such an individual process that sometimes you just need personal feedback and accurate guidance – a helping hand and some words of encouragement based on a direct interaction.


You’ll benefit from my ability to diagnose exactly where you get stuckת
and prescribe a personalized strategy to get you back on track and into a flow of rewarding practice with clear satisfying results.


Not sure how to continue from here? A 1-1 session might be just the perfect fit for you.

Gypsy Jazz Guitars

Want a new Gypsy Guitar that sounds great, easy to play and at a reasonable price?


That’s what I was looking for! And my search led me to master luthier Edward Polak who was infected by my enthusiasm, set to work researching and experimenting and has succeeded in constructing guitars that even exceed my requirements.

After more than 15 years working with Polak guitar, I can highly recommend Yaakov Hoter’s Gypsy Jazz Guitar Model – this guitar is just what you need to really shine when you play – and you can afford it too!

What to do now

If you know which learning solution is the right one for you, That’s great! We will see you inside. If you are not sure which option is the best for your needs, that’s ok too. Please reach out through [email protected] and we will gladly contact you and help you make the perfect learning experiance for you.


Yaakov Hoter

Django Reinhardt’s music ignited my guitar passion at age 13. My journey spans Blues, Rock, Pop, Arabic Oud, Jazz, and Gypsy Jazz. Throughout it all, one thing has remained crystal clear to me – music is a universal language, free from the constraints of style or genre.
I’ve collaborated with renowned musicians like Bireli Lagrene and Martin Taylor, gracing international festivals. My academic journey includes a music college degree and a Music Academy bachelor’s. I document my musical journey at gypsyandjazz.com, helping thousands of players around the globe play the way they love and love the way they play.