The Magic of Triads




Magic Of triads

3 shapes. 7 songs.
Your path to
creative soloing

Music and guitar playing have always been
a passion of yours

You fell in love with Jazz, the music of Django Reinhardt (or Gypsy Jazz),
and dreamt of being able to play those solos that would make the room stop and listen.

You want to become more creative, expand your knowledge,
and get comfortable improvising.

You want to learn a song and make it your own, giving it your own special touch,
instead of getting stuck repeating the same phrases again and again.

Soloing can be stress-free, exciting, and inspiring.

it can be fulfilling and FUN.  It’s time for you to start enjoying all that.

Have you ever listened to the great Gypsy Jazz players and wondered how they do it?

The Gypsy players improvise melodically,
while playing complex jazz songs without
ANY music theory knowledge.

The ability to improvise has been ingrained in them
since childhood.

Their improvisation is authentic and effortless.

What's The secret to their improvisation magic?

A simple method that is easy to implement and allows
anyone who learns it to improvise freely.

This method has no style boundary.
You can use it with any style of music you like.


This method is based on 3 triad chord shapes only

but you can even manage with just one…

which you will easily visualize all over your fingerboard.


These 3 shapes are suitable for every chord and form the visual foundation

from which you will start improvising.

So, instead of constantly thinking about which note goes with the next chord, now you have a simple form that allows you to follow the MUSIC you hear in your head and just PLAY.

After years of learning and playing with incredible Gypsy Jazz players,
I put all that knowledge and experience into one course that will allow you to implement that method too, be creative and tell a new story in each of your solos, instead of repeating the same old licks again and again…


The simplest and most melodic path to creative improvisation
Music, at its core, is simple. Just because people have made it complicated doesn’t mean you can’t delve into the essence of music, enjoy it, and create it effortlessly.
If you want to finally craft your own original beautiful solos,. ‘The magic of triads’ is for you.

and this is how we do it:

Step #1: Shapes Mastery

This will build the foundation for constructing your solos, allowing you to gain confidence in keeping the song’s form and having all the “right” notes at your fingertips. You will also learn how to transition from the triad to the Dom7 chord, add colors to the triads, and use the dim7 over the Dom7 to achieve Django’s unique sound…

Step #2: Song Mastery

Here’s something many players overlook – BEFORE you can become really proficient at improvising over a song, you need to MASTER playing the song in its basic form (Think about it… how can you improvise over something you haven’t mastered yet???).
In this section, we’ll explore how to play two famous songs in two different scales, tempos, and feels:
  1. “Minor Swing” (Django’s most famous minor swinging standard in Am)
  2. “J’attendrai” (a ballad/Med Swing in C that Django’s unforgettable video made into one of his most famous tunes).
For each song, you’ll delve into the harmony and melody, gaining a deep understanding of the song and mastering it. We’ll make sure that your music sounds good and build the basic structure for your improvisation.


Now that you have mastered the basic shapes and learned how to play the songs correctly, it’s time to let your creativity shine with the Magic of Triads.
You will apply the Triad Method to “Minor Swing” and “J’attendrai,” uncovering simple yet effective melodic techniques (like Half-tone approach, enclosures, trills, etc.) that Django used over these shapes to craft unique and captivating melodies every time. By fusing the Triads with these melodic tools, you’ll develop your own musical language for soloing, giving you the freedom to compose distinctive solos again and again.


Now is the time to apply everything you’ve learned to a broader range of songs, unlocking the full potential of your improvisation skills. This will make the Triad Method uniquely yours and adaptable to any song you love.
We will explore five of the most popular songs often played in jam sessions, providing you with a quick head start in applying this method to any song you choose.

Songs covered

Rose Room

Dark Eyes

Swing Gitan

Minor Blues

Minor Swing

12 Bar Blues


When you complete the course, you will be able to:

How it works

The Magic of Triads is a “Learn at Your Own Pace” digital course, offering over 5 hours of video lessons organised into 7 modules.
This structured journey guides you from mastering fundamental skills, such as learning a song’s melody and chord progression, to playing advanced solos.
We begin with the basics to establish a shared foundation. Then, I’ll lead you through etudes, providing detailed instruction every step of the way.
For advanced guitarists, we explore free improvisation, with real-time explanations.
Upon signing up, you’ll receive immediate access. Experience the joy of learning music at your own pace with this course


Yaakov Hoter

Django Reinhardt’s music ignited my guitar passion at age 13. My journey spans Blues, Rock, Pop, Arabic Oud, Jazz, and Gypsy Jazz. Throughout it all, one thing has remained crystal clear to me – music is a universal language, free from the constraints of style or genre.
I’ve collaborated with renowned musicians like Bireli Lagrene and Martin Taylor, gracing international festivals. My academic journey includes a music college degree and a Music Academy bachelor’s. I document my musical journey at gypsyandjazz.com, helping thousands of players around the globe play the way they love and love the way they play.


This course is suitable for all levels. It’s how kids in the Gypsy community learn to improvise. And it’s how I rebuilt my improvisation skills as a professional musician. We start from the very basic concepts of improvisation with Triads and learn songs together, step by step. The beauty of this process is that it lays down the framework for your improvisation, no matter what your playing skills are. And the more you delve into this process, the deeper and more interesting it gets. Because learning music is an endless multi-dimensional process that can go deeper and deeper all the time.

Well, this course can actually help you complete the other courses you have. After learning this process, it will be easier for you to learn new materials and implement them more quickly and accurately.

Yes! The course is yours, and you can download it or watch it online for as long as you like!

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Magic of Triads

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