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the ultimate gypsy run

Juicy secrets of the dim7, harmonic minor and mixob9b13

The core of this course is a complete system for creating a long and fast run, based on an idea transcribed from Django Reinhardt’s solos.
If you’ve always wondered how to create long phrases over the Dom7 chord, then this course is for you.

You will learn the elements of this system – the harmonic minor and the mixob9b13 scales and the dim7 arpeggio. You’ll get tips on how to use them in your accompaniment and solo playing, plus examples from Django’s playing. Then, you will learn this special system that will improve your improvisation skills and technique dramatically and you’ll see how I implement it over 4 famous songs:
Bossa Dorado, All of Me, Minor Swing and Nuages.

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“I picked up books/tabs/dvd’s and various courses. about 8 years had gone by and my playing was between beginner and intermediate and I practiced 4 hours a day! Then I stumbled upon Yaakov Hoter. WOW!!.. somebody who explained the Gypsy language better than ANYONE! If ONLY I had found this 8 years ago! Get lessons from YAAKOV, you will not regret it ”

Ian Randell

“I always talked about Django Reinhardt with admiration but never understood how he did it…time moves on and and I found Yaakov Hoters Gypsy Jazz courses. It is the best way to learn. Yaakov is a great teacher with great patience to teach you and to tell you the little secrets you need to know.”

Andrew Wells

“I’m a big fan of Django and Yaakov. I’ve bought a lot of lessons from his website and I’ve learnt a lot with them…All of them are very well organized and helpful. Easy to understand and come with a pdf explanation. Thank you very much Yaakov!! ”

Django Eddie

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