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Congratulations on taking that first exciting step towards Jazz and Gypsy Jazz guitar mastery.

This course will guide you through what it really takes to be the amazing-sounding, creative player you CAN be, implementing everything you learn over the II-V-I progression in C major.


However this course is just the begining.

If you’re ready to take your music to the next level, gaining the freedom to be creative while soloing over complete songs with all the arpeggio shapes you need to know, If you want to add even more cool variations, rhythm kicks, and chord shapes to your accompaniment, I have a special opportunity for you with significant savings, for a short time only,
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Gypsy and Jazz Essentials Bundle



Infuse your playing with the same infectious energy that brought Gypsy jazz to life with the ultimate course for aspiring guitarists and music enthusiasts eager to immerse themselves in the captivating world of Gypsy jazz accompaniment.

A proven and easy method that breaks La Pompe into 7 small steps
to make it very simple to understand and perform.

Discover the unique Gypsy Jazz chord voicing and chord progressions
that will allow you to play your favorite songs freely while adding those crazy rhythm kicks to add fire to your playing.
Value (full price) $95


In this course, you will learn and practice the rest stroke technique with all the arpeggios you need to know.
This structured journey guides you from mastering fundamental skills, like Rest Stroke Picking, and the 75 Arpeggio shapes every guitarist must know, to playing creative solos with detailed examples of two famous songs you have learned in the course.

When You Complete This Course You Will:
Master the rest stroke picking method, discover how to easily visualize and memorize all of the arpeggio shapes you need. and know how to build a solo run over one chord all over your fretboard including triplet runs.
Value (full price) $109


Make improvisation easy and fun the 'Gypsy Way,' with the simplest and fastest path to creative improvisation.
Gain the freedom of soloing using just three shapes with a deep dive into 7 of your favorite Songs.
This course will allow you to:
- Freely and effortlessly improvise over your favorite songs, while keeping the song's form.
- Expand your music repertoire and discover how to master songs, giving you the confidence to play with other people and to perform.
- Play the music you love and love the music you play.
Value (full price) $189

What our students are saying:

“I enjoyed it so much and was making substantial progress with my improvisation skills. Until joining the program, my solos consisted of noodling with a scale through the changes. The structure of the program taught me how to approach soloing using these techniques. My goal went from stringing together arpeggios at blazing speeds to creating melodic statements that applied my current skills and came from the music inside of me. Thanks so much, Yaakov!”

Brad Smadly

“Simply put, learning the fundamentals of gypsy jazz from Yaakov has done wonders for my confidence and ability to improvise. Now I’m very much enjoying my daily practice, creating lines and swinging out. If you’re passionate about learning how to play Gypsy Jazz, I couldn’t recommend Yaakov’s courses and bootcamps more. I consider the progress I’ve made in such a relatively short time and the guidance I’ve been given invaluable. Worth every penny. Thanks again Yaakov!”

Jordan Corney

“You have a great system of turning the knowledge I have into something that I can use and if I don’t have the knowledge, you are giving it to me so it’s usable. Learning this process has changed everything in my playing. I like my own sound and solos better and people are asking me to come back and play with them again which is a pretty good indicator that I’m doing something right and and it’s all thanks to you Yaakov!”


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“I picked up books/tabs/dvd’s and various courses. about 8 years had gone by and my playing was between beginner and intermediate and I practiced 4 hours a day! Then I stumbled upon Yaakov Hoter. WOW!!.. somebody who explained the Gypsy language better than ANYONE! If ONLY I had found this 8 years ago! Get lessons from YAAKOV, you will not regret it ”

Ian Randell

“I always talked about Django Reinhardt with admiration but never understood how he did it…time moves on and and I found Yaakov Hoters Gypsy Jazz courses. It is the best way to learn. Yaakov is a great teacher with great patience to teach you and to tell you the little secrets you need to know.”

Andrew Wells

“I’m a big fan of Django and Yaakov. I’ve bought a lot of lessons from his website and I’ve learnt a lot with them…All of them are very well organized and helpful. Easy to understand and come with a pdf explanation. Thank you very much Yaakov!! ”

Django Eddie