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What you get at The Picking Bootcamp

How to master Rest-Stroke Picking and the 75 ARPEGGIOS you MUST know
in 18 minutes a day while building SPEED and staying LOOSE.

Here's what we will cover:

After this bootcamp you will achieve more
freedom in your playing,
and finally conquer the Rest-Stroke Picking technique
in only 1-day!

Here’s some of what students in the previous bootcamps had to say:


Yaakov Hoter

Django Reinhardt’s music ignited my guitar passion at age 13. My journey spans Blues, Rock, Pop, Arabic Oud, Jazz, and Gypsy Jazz. Throughout it all, one thing has remained crystal clear to me – music is a universal language, free from the constraints of style or genre.

I’ve collaborated with renowned musicians like Bireli Lagrene and Martin Taylor, gracing international festivals. My academic journey includes a music college degree and a Music Academy bachelor’s. I document my musical journey at gypsyandjazz.com, helping thousands of players around the globe play the way they love and love the way they play.

More Reviews

Having learned picking from you, a surprising benefit is that the tone that I have achieved really helps for everything related to ear training. I can learn and remember so many phrases and tunes because I can play them clearly and precisely. Because of your guidance, I know what to work on to improve. Thank you for the wonderful start and I look forward to joining more bootcamps in the future!

Ashok Thirumurthi

Another fine workshop from Yaakov, this time on the oh-so-important element of rhythm in Gypsy Jazz, Yaakov has the ability to focus on the basic movements, and really breaks it down, so you can build from the bottom up. All this without getting academic, and keeping it fun. If you are a student like me, who can play a fair bit already but need structure, you can’t go wrong with a workshop like this!

Karel van Bezooijen

Yaakov´s live online Bootcamp was a very useful. Keeping up with the other students' progress was both - fun and motivating. I think the online live workshop gave all members a boost in their playing and our progress during these sessions was impressive. Yaakov was always there with his answers and comments: he knows exactly what advice to give to improve your playing.

Volker Bräth