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Mr Sandman

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In this PDF guide you will:


    How to use the power of the descending chromatic diminished progression over a very common cycle of Dom7 chords that you can find in many jazz songs.

  • Apply

    What you learned over two famous Jazz songs - 'Mr. Sandman' and 'Sweet Georgia Brown'

  • Get creative

    with the one LICK that rules them all! It's simply an embellished arpeggio that will allow you to create your own original & exciting variations.

“I had loads of classes with really wonderful professional players but nothing compares. The way Yaakov introduces you to Django’s style is unique, very helpful and highly entertaining. I’d never have imagined to be able to pick it up in such a short time. Taking Yaakovs Gypsy Jazz course is like having a friend in your practicing room.”

Wolfgang eisenhuth

“Yaakov is an absolutely brilliant teacher. His unique teaching method and style give a very effective mix of learning by doing and understanding. I can now play and learn, alone, at jam sessions and at workshops. Yaakov’s lessons are so much fun; they excite my interest and hold it! I’m learning to play and learning to learn. ”

Donna Radin

“My development as a guitarist due to the 32 lessons I took with Yaakov is much more than I had hoped for. Beyond learning just how to swing and how to play jazz songs, I can now improvise to any kind of music. Following all your tips…really works. Your approach hits the mark. Your generosity was always felt. Blessings to you. ”

Jai . C . SALT

If we haven't met in person yet,

I'm Yakkov Hoter

I helped over 10,000 guitarists from all over the world improve their jazz and gypsy jazz playing, overcoming their blocks and achieving joy and freedom in their playing.

Django Reinhardt is my main guitar hero and I have been studying his music for all my life.
I played and toured with Jazz Giants such as Bireli Lagrene and Martin Taylor.

These experiences and my academic background helped me reveal the secrets to creative improvisation and shaped my teaching method, which will help you close the gap between how you play now and how you wish to play.

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“I picked up books/tabs/dvd’s and various courses. about 8 years had gone by and my playing was between beginner and intermediate and I practiced 4 hours a day! Then I stumbled upon Yaakov Hoter. WOW!!.. somebody who explained the Gypsy language better than ANYONE! If ONLY I had found this 8 years ago! Get lessons from YAAKOV, you will not regret it ”

Ian Randell

“I always talked about Django Reinhardt with admiration but never understood how he did it…time moves on and and I found Yaakov Hoters Gypsy Jazz courses. It is the best way to learn. Yaakov is a great teacher with great patience to teach you and to tell you the little secrets you need to know.”

Andrew Wells

“I’m a big fan of Django and Yaakov. I’ve bought a lot of lessons from his website and I’ve learnt a lot with them…All of them are very well organized and helpful. Easy to understand and come with a pdf explanation. Thank you very much Yaakov!! ”

Django Eddie

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