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The Right Mindset: to master any song and musical material on your guitar

Technique Fluidity: Achieve precision, great sound and flow in your playing through the most detailed technique guidance

Arpeggios Mastery: Get clarity of your ingerboard and eliminate the need to think about "what is the next note" so you can unleash your inner music.

Rhythm Mastery: Dance through the changes and be the one everyone wants to swing with

Form Mastery: Apply these skills to the common II-V-I Chord Progression providing you with tools for immediate use in your playing.

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About Me

Yaakov Hoter

Django Reinhardt’s music ignited my guitar passion at age 13. My journey spans Blues, Rock, Pop, Arabic Oud, Jazz, and Gypsy Jazz. Throughout it all, one thing has remained crystal clear to me – music is a universal language, free from the constraints of style or genre.
I’ve collaborated with renowned musicians like Bireli Lagrene and Martin Taylor, gracing international festivals. My academic journey includes a music college degree and a Music Academy bachelor’s. I document my musical journey at gypsyandjazz.com, helping thousands of players around the globe play the way they love and love the way they play.

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