The Creative Improvisation Workshop

Elevate your improvisation skills to new heights!

If you’re a passionate jazz (and/or Gypsy Jazz)
guitar player

then you know that getting stuck in a musical rut is NOT fun.
Playing the same old licks over and over, struggling to keep the form,

when what you really want is to feel confident, tell captivating melodic stories,
and dazzle
your listeners with creative solos every single time, regardless of your practice time.

If you are ready to stop wasting time going around in circles
and instead make a real breakthrough
in your improvisation,
this is for you:

creative improvisation

In a world saturated with complex musical theories, this live workshop offers a refreshing  PROVEN  process
that demystifies creative improvisation, which you’ll be able to implement over any song you choose,
and over any STYLE of music you like.

The N.E.S.T of improvisation

Imagine making the songs you play, YOURS.
Your improvised musical sentences flow one after the next,
creating a complete composition like well-put-together words create meaningful ideas.
You have the flow you crave in your playing and you take solos with confidence and ease.

To achieve those beautiful solos,
you must master the 4 foundations of
Creative Improvisation:

Notes – (the words of your solo)

Embellishments (the decorations that enhance your notes)

Structure (the overall arrangement
of your musical sentences

Time (the rhythm and overall flow of your melody)

I call these the NEST of creative improvisation,
and each of these incorporates 5 main elements
that every guitarist should master:


The beauty of these 4 foundations is that 

they lay down the framework for your improvisation,
  no matter what your playing skills are.

The more you dive into it, the deeper and more interesting it gets.
Because learning music is an endless multi-dimensional process
that only gets more and more exciting as you improve. 

Say goodbye to playing the same old licks every time
 and feeling lost and unsure of yourself when it comes to improvisation,
and say hello to genuine speedy progress in your improvisational journey 

and melodic, inspired solos.

What you get:

Five LIVE 2-hour calls

Week 1: Sunday, Feb 25
Week 2: Sunday, March 3
Week 3: Sunday, March 10
Week 4: Sunday, March 17
Week 5: Wednesday, March 27

Same time every week:
6:30 PM UK time
1:30 PM EST/10:30 AM PST 

A complete recording
of each of the live sessions.

Can’t join us live? No problem, I’ve got you covered. You can watch the replay online or download it. I will be available for you in the course discussion or by email for any questions you have.

PDF Guide
With all the material and etudes.
Prefer learning from text, diagrams, notes and tabs?
We’ve got you covered. You have it all written out for you.

You Will also gain these brand new bonuses:

When it comes to improvisation Most people get stuck
because they’ve skipped that crucial step of really ingraining the song
before they start taking a solo over it…


To make sure you are NOT making the same mistake,
and that you are making the most out of the  Workshop,
I have added two brand new, unique courses to the Creative Improvisation Workshop.

With these special bonuses, you’ll learn how to play two classics like a pro,
discovering all the nuances most players skip,

And you’ll be able to duplicate this process over any other song you want!


Bonus #1

Minor Swing

Play like a pro

$99 Value (FREE)

Master the Art of Gypsy Jazz Guitar with
‘Minor Swing’: A Comprehensive Course on Django Reinhardt’s Classic”.



Dive deep into the song, from the captivating intro, the notes, the time, and the Rest Stroke Picking technique, to Django Reinhardt’s signature variations.


Navigate the song’s form, ingrain the chord progression, add substitutes, and master the rhythmic heartbeat with La Pompe.

Cap off your performance with finesse as you delve into the nuances of the ending, mastering the chromatic ending lick in two voices, and discover how to use it over any song you play.


This course is your gateway to playing “Minor Swing” like a pro. 


Bonus #2


A comprehensive Guide

$255 Value (FREE)

Unlock the art of improvisation with a creative method for Improvisation with Scales, exploring scales on single strings and in various positions.

Expand your chord vocabulary and enhance your accompaniment skills with Bass & Chords Etude, and unlock the art of improvisation with a creative method for Improvisation with Scales, exploring scales on single strings and in various positions.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced guitarist, this course provides a comprehensive journey through the nuances of this timeless classic, equipping you with the skills to captivate any audience with your rendition of
“All of Me.”

After this Workshop you will:

Elevate your Solo Techniques

Know what NOTES to play and never get lost. Have the freedom to dance through the changes effortlessly using Triads, Arpeggios, Scales, Licks and the song’s Melody, up and down your fingerboard using the guitar's full range, and set your melodic ideas free in a mesmerizing musical expression.

Tell a story in your solo by adding STRUCTURE to it

You’ll allow your ears to guide your hands by improvising in musical Sentences, Rhythmic and Melodic Motifs, connecting your ideas in a coherent way and having a clear Beginning and Ending to your solos. You’ll discover the joy of playing with inspiration, letting your music flow organically from what you hear in your head.

Inspire your Playing: Master the art of EMBELLISHMENTS

Decorate your notes with Pull-off and Hammer-on Enclosures, Half tone and Chromatic approach, Slides and Bends.
Carve out your unique musical identity by breaking free from the monotony of repetitive licks.

Discover Django's Legacy

Learn the secrets of Django's improvisational genius and seamlessly weave them into your own playing, injecting an authentic Gypsy Jazz flair into your musical narrative.

Swing like never before and improve your TIME

Improve your Swing Feel, and combine syncopation, eights, triplets and sixteenth notes automatically in your playing.

Expand your Repertoire quicker

Learn the art of building a diverse repertoire and effortlessly memorizing chords, enhancing your overall musicality.

What students are saying

Improvisation in music is like abstract painting in art. Yaakov is teaching some stuff that might seem unteachable. Very inspiring. As you go through it everything starts making sense. The system is quite simple. Also, Yaakov's genuine personality makes a huge difference; if you trust your teacher - it's easy to trust the process.
Natalia Yazell
I have been following Yaakov's course over 4 weeks and it has really been a crucial breakthrough for me. When Yaakov explained about simplifying chord progressions, keeping the shape and using triads, it all fell into place. I have developed more in the last month than in the previous 30 years.
Lars Nørregaard
Before the masterclass, I was like a cork on the water: I let myself be led by the chord changes. No direction, no overview. NOW : I am leading. I can choose the shape, I can choose how to play with it. I can structure it into sentences. This masterclass gives you more power, more vocabulary, more grammar in order to tell more beautiful stories with your guitar. Thx
Jean-Christophe Lantier

Your investment
in this
special workshop:

The Creative improvisation workshop ($500 value)
The $354 worth bonuses

Total value of $854

You pay today

Only $380


Yaakov Hoter

Django Reinhardt’s music ignited my guitar passion at age 13. My journey spans Blues, Rock, Pop, Arabic Oud, Jazz, and Gypsy Jazz. Throughout it all, one thing has remained crystal clear to me – music is a universal language, free from the constraints of style or genre.

I’ve collaborated with renowned musicians like Bireli Lagrene and Martin Taylor, gracing international festivals. My academic journey includes a music college degree and a Music Academy bachelor’s. I document my musical journey at gypsyandjazz.com, helping thousands of players around the globe play the way they love and love the way they play.

More students reviews:

What a great course for anyone who wants to start, improve, or take their improvisation to the next level. A step-by-step process for building an understanding of, and framework for improvisation. It’s a wonderful way to really progress your playing regardless of your current level. Highly recommended.

Stephen Tomini

I’m finally able to see the endless patterns on the fretboard and relax, finding so many ways to explore vaguely repeating motifs that sound good to the ear. Fewer notes, better notes, more meaning and beauty to the soloing. Loving it, and again - thanks for your help! Yaakov

Douglas Stewar

The masterclass for improvising is excellent. You were able to impart valuable options on how to start the process of being creative through the use of shapes. For me, scales always sounded like scales whereas shapes give you creative options instantly. Both beginners and highly advanced players can use the same approach to their level and ability.
The sky's the limit.

William Metzler


You’ll have a complete recording at the end of each day. Need to review, stop and slow down at times? Couldn’t make it to the LIVE session? I’ve got your back!  

The workshop will all be live via Zoom. So all you need is your laptop, smartphone or tablet, whatever is convenient for you. Your device’s camera and microphone are good enough.

Absolutely! I will see you and hear you and you’ll get personal feedback from me all the time. You will practice a lot and I’ll be following your progress every stage of the way, PLUS- you’ll be able to share your playing with me to review even a month after the workshop ends.

Yes! The workshop is yours and you can use it as long as you wish! You can download it and you can watch it online.

Yes! You can view the LIVE Zoom sessions and the recordings of the bootcamp from any device.

It’s an improved version of the CIBM
Less material, but in a better approach and in the insights I gained teaching this in the coaching program since then.
The challenge is not to KNOW that material. The challenge is in the DOING – the implementation of the materials in your solos.
So I believe that even if most of the material won’t be completely new for you, you will gain a lot.
I talk about things in a different way each time, you’ll get more structure to your practice sessions during these 5 weeks,and a chance to implement what you learn along with your fellow students.

More students reviews:

This course really helped my playing. I didn't even realize the ways in which I could improve. Yaakov is very patient and really pays attention to each student. The feedback he gives is specific and applicable. The course resources are also wonderful

Michael Swerdlow

Perfect way to finally get to learn to improvise Yaakov's course is perfect to build your improvisation skills from the ground up. Step by step you get from the core to a broad understanding and implementation of improvisation skills. Highly recommended intensive and complete course to cover all your improvisation needs 🙂

Alexander Koning

At the beginning of this journey my attempts at improvisation were quite simple and often boring. Now, four weeks later, I am surprised that sometimes I'm not just chasing patterns on the fretboard but following musical ideas that I get while playing.

Johannes Widi

Ready to take your solos to
new hights?

This is your chance to make the progress you wished for in only 5 weeks!
Join us inside the

Creative Improvisation Workshop